Saturday, July 6, 2019

My bags are packed...well, getting closer to being packed.

Today was spent in Cherries
Canned both raw sweet cherries and cherry syrup.
Totally missed tart cherries this year.
Nectarines are next

Schedule for July:
DC fireworks- done
Cherries- done
Holocaust museum with oldest grand- 8 July
Phoenix for Mom's birthday- 11 July
West Point for grand's birthday- 17 July
Peaches canning
Dentist- July 24
Kid watch at our house
 during dad's radiation treatment- 25-30 July

Mom begins the last of her 80's this year
She wanted a sample of my work
since she never canned
And I am going to carry on my bags.
Even if you are very nice
and have a global entry
they won't let you take 
your mother some home canned things.

So....I improvised
Cherry, blueberry and strawberry syrups 
with my makeup and toothpaste.
Love the stand up baggies!

I'll spend one day in Phoenix looking at 
Air b n b for next summer
when all 12 of us come for Mom's 
big 90 party!

My bag is packed for Phoenix. 
Changing out for West Point won't take much
Minus swim suit. Plus raincoat.
Wash and go.

 I am hauling this box for the party
One little girl is going to be doll housed soon!

I need to get at least 20 jars of peaches this year.... it will be a squeeze in time.

And I need to make some beach plans 
for the grands staying with us
as to not drive my husband insane.

August will be here before I know it!

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