Sunday, June 14, 2020

Positive Steps. Renaming Military Bases

Picture from West Point POA

My family has served in most every military conflict in the history of the United States.
Revolutionary War
War of 1812
Civil War
World War I
World War II
Cold War
My husband was the first professional soldier in our family
I do have several long serving Navy men.
My daughter was in the Air Force
My son in law a Marine
My son is active duty finishing three years at West Point
a university that he attended.

Two weeks ago my son and I got into a discussion about changing names of places.
We both decided we really needed to read up on the people places were named after.

When "we served" as a family, we only lived on one post the entire time.
We lived on Early Street
on Fort Riley Kansas.
 Fort Riley is the home of Buffalo Soldiers
Proudly, strongly.

The "top part" of Fort Riley had been established in the early 1960's
All of the streets were named after Confederate Generals.
I knew that.
I thought nothing of it.
We lived on Early Street.

Early did not approve of withdrawing from the Union,
but strongly approved of slavery.
He fought campaigns to take Washington DC
After the war, with Lincoln dead, he returned from Cuba and waged a
merciless campaign against Grant.
He, basically, rewrote history, the one that is still taught today
that the south was wronged by the north
and that Lee was a hero of states rights
and the war had little to do with slavery.

So this man helped to rewrite the history that children would be taught from the late 1800's through today. I know because American History was my major for three years
and I was taught this version of the war.

Fort Hood
Hood was a fierce and wreckless general - Gettysburg, Western Campaign, and others.
Thousands of dead soldiers.
He felt that "Negros were subhuman"
He worked on making Sherman into a butcher after the war.
Sherman was fighting Hood's evil tactics during battles.
Hood's accounts, not Sherman's, live on in history.

Fort Bragg
Sugar plantation owner with many slaves
He was known to both sides as one of the worst leaders in the war.
What a joke that the most prolific fighting machines come from a fort named after this guy in 1918.
My husband is most upset about the renaming of this post
but naming this important post this name is like
naming the inheriting son after the man who tried to steal the wife.

The list goes on and on.

Keeping in mind that most of these men had all attended West Point
at or near the same time as Grant.

Some say naming was in concession for land
"given" to the Army for their posts

Time to rename some places.
We do not learn about these men in school
History needs to return to "the Union fought and won over slavery".

What a mess.

The only thing I can see remaining of the Confederacy is the cemetery part of Arlington.
Arlington was Lee's plantation
The house was surrounded by Union bodies
All head stone meet the rising sun
Except the 450ish Confederate soldiers
They are buried in a circle.
They face only each other
for they fought only on their own terms and
chose not to stand with the union.
That, to me, is fitting.

Some suggestions for the new names:
Fort Powell
Fort Woodrow Keeble
Fort Grant
Fort Sheridan
Fort Gonsalves

Fort Ruben Rivers
Fort Edward Carter
Fort Robert Pinn
A building at West Point needs to be renamed
The norm is to name after a graduate
How about.
Versace Hall?

It is time!

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Life lessons

Lessons re learned in the last twelve weeks:

If church was not a community, but only a place to worship,
    before something happens,
     it will not change when something happens.
      No community/ no Communion.
Those who shame the most are often the first to do what they shame others for.
We are part of the "old people" group.
Hair DOES grow.
This President is much like my father
   threaten the stick, but don't actually use it.
   Children move faster to be more independent and vocal.
ALWAYS be kind to those who give you service.
Drop Amazon.
     Billionaires who do not give back should be left to die in their money.
Be careful for big cities.
Life is very short.
      If you are not comfortable where you are
Human touch is essential for sanity.
Only listen to doctors for two week sprints.

Saturday, May 30, 2020


I've thought about writing a bit about my life for my grands.
First step is the time line. this is really for me :) But if you have a question....

I was born into a new neighborhood in Phoenix in late 1950's.  Middle child of five. Religion practicing mother, faith living father.
Summer of 1964 our family went East to visit my father's family.
Watching history evolve on TV and seeing it on the ground. Solidified early my love of history and finding out the full story.

Early 1970's in high school. Being a first "girl" to do many things in my religion.  Dating people from every race and social level.  Music, music and more music. Theater

Mid 70's- Moving begins
Loyola Marymount
Arizona State
Northern Arizona University

Last of the 70's
Open classroom co teaching
Teaching migrant kids
Migrant work in desert
Security guard to pay the bills.

Early 80's
Teaching in Wuerzburg
Breaking up with one person and marrying another in a six month period.
Two children
Washington DC

Next 15 years-
Indianapolis- first encounter with public housing
Kansas- first encounter with generational poverty
Monterey,Ca- first encounter with privilege
Pok Fu Lam Hong Kong/ Asia travel
Honolulu - first encounter with real prejudice directed to my kids
Saudi Arabia- first time becoming a non person behind a mask.

      ten years of kids
     teaching on Navajo Reservation
     choosing minority PS over CS for kids and working hard with that community.
     Food Kitchens
     Championship multi racial cross country.

   Travel- 49 states
   Pushing limits.

    Teaching in a school of farmers
             and people who thought they never could do much (which was BS)
     Casualty Assistance
     West Point
     Non compliant young adult
     Marriages and grandchildren

     Grand kids

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Day 50! Yes, I am still at home.

Delaware begins to open.
I would attempt the beach, but I know everyone will be there
and one of the things I love about our beach is
how few people go there.

It is a rocky beach really (this is a stock photo)
Most of the sand washed into the bay years ago...
Still, it is the beach my ancestor landed on in the late 1600's
and it is close to me. 

I did sneak by and see this gang at the beginning of the week.
We had all been inside for about five weeks.
My "touch meter" was pegged at zero
I needed a fill up.
Better then medicine. 
Continuing to plan my kitchen in Idaho.
After a major meltdown 
about the move.
Poor hubby.
He did survive.
But the next time I pull that sh*t on him
I might not.....

Finished Outlander and Homeland last weekend.
Looking forward to the last Belgravia on Sunday.

The TV is mostly off except late at night when it puts me to sleep.

Started the new Tom Clancy novel
Doing research on seventh grade curriculum 
for the possibility of the oldest grand doing it at home.
Found all of my old curriculum and put most of it up for sale.
I have hope it will all sale.

Moved almost all of our savings to other places.
USAA is doing some strange things, so it is time to go.
While I was at it I opened a credit union account in the town 
that we WILL be living in two years.

Flying to Phoenix for three days
in July.
Really. My mom turns 90.

I'll report what Southwest is like...

Began to plan our masked Disney trip in November.

The hotel rooms were booked in January.

I am stubborn and have not canceled my Germany trip yet.
Germany has opened travel to EU people. 
Do you think I could pull,
"I am writing a blog post about the new travel on Delta."
How about, "Ancestry says that I am more then 50% Prussian"?
My bet is it will close at the beginning of the winter for flu...

Trying to decide if I should just throw away all of my Covid clothing.
Is is fashionable to wear house dresses when I go to the local commissary?
I didn't think so....

BTW- I "borrowed" most of these photos if you couldn't tell. 

Back to trying to go to sleep
It is already day 51......

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Looking forward

I am looking forward today.
I may have to get paperwork---but I have no "co morbid" problems- no AC1 issues, no diabetes, no heart, no lung---no medicine. I am under the age of 70. I may have even had the virus in January. I wear masks and gloves and walk far away from anyone who is not in my house. 

So why does this matter?
If the economy opens I may be Ok to be a part of it.
My mother informed me the rest of them should stay inside until there is some sort of cure. 
They can get people to pick up their dogs,
get their food,
do telework (if they are still employed),
and learn to do lots of crossword or jigsaw puzzles.
They will be sheltered from harm. 

I get it, if they all go out they may get the virus

and begin to overwhelm the hospital.

To say the least, it was an interesting conversation. 

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Inequality and the virus

Well, I was misinformed last week.
We are not even close to being green.

My state is a sanctuary state.
But they seem to have missed the idea that undocumented should be cared for,
not just protected from being hauled away.
Our chicken farming has long hired undocumented
to do the dirty work of plucking, wringing necks and cutting up
to get that beautiful piece of chicken to our door.
Because they are undocumented, they can also pay them whatever they want
and not give sick leave.

That bit them in the butt this week when a factory worker dropped dead
from the virus.
The first word was that the infection rate was well over 60%
Our 200 bed, not full, hospitals
are now running full at 270 and climbing.
And those are the people who came forward....

Doesn't it bother anyone that the only people who are allowed to get sick
are the people at the second wrung of our ladder?
They are not allowed to work their American dream to start their own business
but they can be "our" servants.
They cannot distantly have fun,
because they are not rich enough to be allowed on a golf course to chat in carts
or go to the marina and sit on a boat (and how is that distancing?)
They could not do that anyway because
in their free time they have to figure out internet
without service
so their children can go to "school".

They certainly cannot go to Super Cuts to get their hair cut
but they can sneak into gated communities
and give service to the wealthy.
They cannot go to the library and get their children book players,
but the middle and upper classes can download and read at leisure.

They cannot keep their smaller shops open to help their communities
but they can drive 30 miles and go to a big box store.

Humm...inequality is showing panties right now.
I wonder how many are actually looking?
Do we really WANT a servant class
that we can pay poorly,
do our dirty work a
and we can feel like lords of the castle
while we sit and keep ourselves from being ill?

My daughter says I worry about too many things.
I guess I do.