Sunday, August 18, 2019

Where Have I Been.

July was brutal and August is shaping up to be the same.

Brutal and good at the same time.

Now that I look at my phone camera,
I see I was really busy.
But I am exhausted....

the weather has been typical for Delaware.
Warm to Hot and HUMID.
The mornings and evenings are usually beautiful.
We usually get to the beach (10 min away) several times a week in the summer.
I got there once.
My garden is usually at full tilt and my canner fired up.
Instead the garden had blight because of neglect.

Only 20 things have been canned.
At least one of the grands got to
enjoy the few blueberries that did not
get eaten by the cardinals.

Most of the time was spent with Grands as one
daddy worked with training soldiers

and the other fought cancer.
Really, it was a good summer, considering. 

Saturday, July 6, 2019

My bags are packed...well, getting closer to being packed.

Today was spent in Cherries
Canned both raw sweet cherries and cherry syrup.
Totally missed tart cherries this year.
Nectarines are next

Schedule for July:
DC fireworks- done
Cherries- done
Holocaust museum with oldest grand- 8 July
Phoenix for Mom's birthday- 11 July
West Point for grand's birthday- 17 July
Peaches canning
Dentist- July 24
Kid watch at our house
 during dad's radiation treatment- 25-30 July

Mom begins the last of her 80's this year
She wanted a sample of my work
since she never canned
And I am going to carry on my bags.
Even if you are very nice
and have a global entry
they won't let you take 
your mother some home canned things.

So....I improvised
Cherry, blueberry and strawberry syrups 
with my makeup and toothpaste.
Love the stand up baggies!

I'll spend one day in Phoenix looking at 
Air b n b for next summer
when all 12 of us come for Mom's 
big 90 party!

My bag is packed for Phoenix. 
Changing out for West Point won't take much
Minus swim suit. Plus raincoat.
Wash and go.

 I am hauling this box for the party
One little girl is going to be doll housed soon!

I need to get at least 20 jars of peaches this year.... it will be a squeeze in time.

And I need to make some beach plans 
for the grands staying with us
as to not drive my husband insane.

August will be here before I know it!

Friday, July 5, 2019

Celebrating the country

After a week of three:
new tires,
new dishwasher,
new roof

My husband was surprised when I boarded the bus to DC
 for the birthday party!

We drove through loads of corn, soy and wheat fields. 
Sweltering, but beautiful.

Across the Chesapeake
into the Frey.

Celebrating means remembering to me.
First stop, the movie on the Rim Pac 
Carrier - on the IMax.
Then a quick visits to my favorite 
air vehicles
A quick jaunt across the humid mall
I visited a number of my old friends
Then down the mall to see a parade with a million of my nearest and dearest
It was fun to count the number of languages
I heard spoken
32 (that I could distinguish).

I always remember Mary Todd Lincoln on this day.
Such a difficult life
Her family was southern
and her husband lead the north
What did she think about being an "American"?
The Smithsonian has a wonderful new area in the Natural History Museum
It is all about the process
Here is something from our newest state-
how those amazing capes are made.
They are also highlighting ether's work. Not the stiff Smithsonian of the past.
The rains came and went.
Actually the heavy rain went, the light rain hung out
With my trusty IKEA poncho
I ventured out to find a place for the fly over.
This is half the crowd. 
By nightfall, there was not one space on the grass 
from the Capitol to the Lincoln (5.5 miles).
Every walk of life and political POV on display
The flyover did not disappoint.

The Fireworks were great at the beginning,
but the humidity held them down 
And then it was back to the bus for the journey home.

Sometimes I forget where I live
I long to travel,
but there is so much to see here.
I love this country
and, after visiting over 25 others,
I would not choose another.

Happy Birthday USA!

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Do we need to save for our grandkid's college education?

My first grand will begin college in seven years.
Seven years

For the longest time we have considered
saving for each of our grands' college.
Then we think--what we could contribute
would be a drop in their huge bucket.
What will college cost in seven years anyway?

If we help pay for the first, 
are we on the hook for all six of them?

Our neighbor's last kid just graduated from high school.
He has ten years of college planned out.
I cannot even wrap my mind around that cost.

He has two older brothers.
One brother has a degree in Psychology.
He is working at my credit union.

The other has a degree in Economics.
He is joining the Air Force.
UGG- that is a lot of college for those fields.

My husband says this to me often,
"My dad gave me $20 and his blessing as I left for Vietnam.
When I got home, he was excited that I had figured out how to be the first in my family to ever finish college. It took me nine years to graduate. I paid it off by rejoining the Army!
They need to figure it out. "

There are so many things to pay for: education, cars, weddings (well those are not as common), day care, summer camp, birthdays, Christmas, new kitchens, even religion classes cost $200!
How in the world did we survive this long?
I guess I will go and start a savings envelope called college.
and they will
"get what they get and don't throw a fit".

Thursday, June 27, 2019

The more we think we are different, the more the same we are.

This new generation is much like the ones of my grandparents.
They are moving and living and moving and living.

My parents lived in the same area all of their married lives
My in laws moved to their place when the kids were young. 
Some say Andy of Mayberry
I say it was a fluke.

Moving is in our blood
From getting on those ships to work for free in the new land
to sailing the sea to be a mail order bride.
Both sides had periods of moving when spouses died
or religion was repelled. 

It is all an adventure
it is a way of moving forward 
not satisfied with just staying
Migrants in a beautiful land. 

Last week eleven of us were together
Kids, dogs, adults
Topics ranged from: cancer 
   Unbelievably one was already fighting that fight
to careers 
    Whether a job change is the best way to move forward
to kids
      Now that the middles are in elementary--what do good schools look like
to houses
       What finishes are important to the younger set vs grab bars for us.
to locations
       Do you look for your dream location mid career
to continuing education
       How to save for your kids' college when you are still going
to potty training and navigating pre teens.

In the end, my husband and I decided that we can live anywhere
and still be at peace that our children are loved
and we are respected for our input
but they can make good decisions on their own.

It is OK to move forward.

Monday, June 17, 2019

This is what we save for.

Have you noticed
That when you are ready to leave something behind
it begins to take more?

Our house is 27- as is our roof.
Next week our roof will be 1--day that is.
The last good windstorm told us that our roof is dead.
Little pieces were on the ground.

Three estimates:
Lowes? $29,500
A major roofing company? 25,250.
A man with a truck and a large crew? $17,000

Our new roof will be blue(ish) attached by Angel
and four of his crew
in between all of the roofs he is doing this spring.

Then yesterday, the dishwasher started smoking.
We have a no smoking policy in the house.
Even our vapor has to go outside....

Costco, Lowes, Home Depot?
A lower end washer is about $400.
Ours will be closer to $600.

This is what we save for

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Dreams and reality

This is where my husband would like to retire.
Just a few thousand acres of land
around him.

This is what I am looking for.
One acre in a place where we will have neighbors.

You would think, after twenty years of looking,
one of us would change.

Well, I used to want to live inside Washington DC.
There has been some movement on my part.