Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Closing the books

My books are closed for the year.
I paid every bill that we started in 2019
Some I pay forward
Here was today's work:
- groceries purchased
- cars are on full
- insurances
- electric bill
- cable bill
- Physical Therapy sessions
- Doctor bills (from injury)
and finally, the credit card bill is completely paid off.

We had two major purchases in 2019:
 new roof
 land for our new house

We did several trips this year:
Two to Phoenix
New York

We had two major medical incidents and one pet incident.

Nothing changed in income.
We did rolled the last of my husband's Traditional IRA into his Roth.
That will increase our income tax.
We chose to keep that money out from the actual funds.
Probably better not to, but it seemed the best decision at the time.

I added the roof and land back into our current balance
-they added to our net worth-
 to see how our money grew.

Overall we made about 9% between saving and interest.
We will begin 2020 about 1% less then 2019.

Clear as mud?

Outside of our regular savings
We also keep separate savings accounts In there we have:
 enough for half of a new car (three more years on this one),
Taxes, gifts and  insurance  until June (we begin to save for Jun- Dec tomorrow),
a month of emergency money,
 enough to fill the propane tank in March.

We do not keep track of each other's allowance,
but I know we each have enough for a toy or two if something comes up.

It only got a bit tight when we thought we may have had to help with
other family medical bills
but that passed
and we are back on our road of retirement.

And with that 2019 is a financial wrap.

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