Monday, January 4, 2021

Endless wars

 I remember how it used to be a Democrat's ideal to cut the military and get out of wars.

What happened?

There was a great New York Times article about a poor German town that will really suffer when the WWII barracks of Rose will close this year. 

Terrible Trump is pulling troops home! Amazing. 

Let me tell you about that area. It has been occupied for seventy years. The US has paid for troops to live in terrible barracks while piling up money into the local economy. It is on the old Czech border. The Wall came down in1989 (yes, that is almost thirty years ago). I remember a troop carrier running over a chicken. The US paid for the chicken, and the chicken's eggs for 10 years.                                               The Russian threat is still studied- Fulda gap. Really? The Germans have great equipment and have a national service clause for their people.... They can certainly fight an incursion. But why would the Russians DO an incursion? They are trading partners with Germany. 

We just spent 100 million on education complexes in that area for soldier's kids. Really???

How about  Iran? Yup, they are a threat to the area. The US does not need that area anymore since we are able to sustain our own fuel. Should we keep the straight of Hurmoz clear? Well, maybe, but there are certainly other countries that can patrol their own areas if they wish it.

How abut Iraq? We destroyed it- so we should rebuild it. Just like we did with Japan and Germany? Really? Do you think we are rebuilding? I know 25 year old kids who were in charge of handing out wads of hundreds so our soldiers did not get shot at.  We are not wanted in the region- except by the people who can make money off of us. (Which includes the war machines who Mae crap in our country and sell it to other countries). Live and let live. Send in the Peace Corps when they are ready to not treat their people like poop. 

How about China? That is not going to be a physical war. We, certainly, are not interested in human rights there, so what is the purpose of building up troops? It is, already, a cyber war. We do not have to have troops in Japan for that. Let Japan build up their own army and protect themselves. Out- we need OUT!

It is obvious that we care nothing about Africa. China is quickly buying raw materials and slaves, but we are ignoring all that because we have never cared about Africa. They were European colonies. 

South America told us to take a hike years ago. Smart people.

Yes, I am a Dove! I was a hawk until my husband served in Saudi---and I understood that the US troops are nearly pawns for those who have enough money to be protected by them.  At least Saudi pad for us to be there. The wealthiest people in the DC metro are defense contractors. Same with many in the EU who deal with the US. Time to cut them off!

Bring our troops home. They are good at rapid deployment. We might need some fueling stations here and there, but the money it takes to sustain them overseas is a waste. We have a few, really good, joint bases going in Poland and England. JOINT bases....Those work. 

Will the Democrats do that? Trump was a Democrat long before he was a Republican. I think this issue was his roots showing. I hope the rest of the party continues with those roots now that the ball is rolling home! Put the money into a health care system that works. 

Build up troop strength at home bases. Stay strong, but quit trying to rule the world on the backs of the military. What a concept! 


  1. There's a lot to unpack here, but if you're saying less military, more diplomacy, then I'm with you!

  2. We have unfortunately seen what happened to the town we used to live in when the military left. It suffered greatly and all those empty building are sitting there and deteriorating.

  3. Actually, Barb, many of those building are now filled with refugees! It worked out well for the incoming people.
    Tom, I am saying less military war machine (building crap and sending people to places we are not needed) and more diplomacy. I think we agree!