Saturday, October 5, 2019

Birthday week

I turned 62 on the 30th.
It was a wonderful weekend with grands,
fudge brownie birthday cake
and my first real decision to wait for Social Security.

The grands left
and I to hustle to the food pantry.
We have been slammed lately, and I so cool goodies.

Then the hazard of three began to happen.

I got pulled over for going 62 in a 40 zone.
When the trooper got to my car I could not find my insurance.

That was number one.

Seven am the next morning,
 we were taking the puppy to get spade.
She got off the lead.
Running to traffic she turned when I screamed her name.
She ran back,
I leaded down to scoop her up she went under my legs, I fell.

Number two.

We got home from 14 hours at  the hospital
and got an email
with the CCRs for our almost purchased land.
there were some pretty weird things in them.
If they were not fixed...
our week trip to find land would have been a waste.

Number three.

On the "good" side
The trooper took pity on me. I was the only one who stopped in  a line of seven cars.
Instead of a huge fine and taking my license.
He wrote me a pseudo ticket for 44 in a 40
which I have already paid.

The fall? I have a dislocated fracture of my elbow.
Very nasty mess.
Rebuild will be  on Tuesday.
Can you imagine if I had hit my head?
I am relearning how to write and type with my left hand.

The land?
Since we were the first people to buy to live in the development
(many spec home lots)
they took out what was crazy
and explained the rest- in writing.
We are happy again.

Here is hoping that the second week of my sixty second year goes better,
If not,
I will be applying for Social Security next weekend!

If you pray,
I could use all prayers for my surgeon on Tuesday!


  1. Please don't speed ... it's dangerous!

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  3. Prayering for you tomorrow! Hope it doesn't mean you have to cancel your fun trip with my mama! <3

  4. Janette, sorry all of this has befallen you. Praying for your speedy recovery. :)