Saturday, May 16, 2020

Day 50! Yes, I am still at home.

Delaware begins to open.
I would attempt the beach, but I know everyone will be there
and one of the things I love about our beach is
how few people go there.

It is a rocky beach really (this is a stock photo)
Most of the sand washed into the bay years ago...
Still, it is the beach my ancestor landed on in the late 1600's
and it is close to me. 

I did sneak by and see this gang at the beginning of the week.
We had all been inside for about five weeks.
My "touch meter" was pegged at zero
I needed a fill up.
Better then medicine. 
Continuing to plan my kitchen in Idaho.
After a major meltdown 
about the move.
Poor hubby.
He did survive.
But the next time I pull that sh*t on him
I might not.....

Finished Outlander and Homeland last weekend.
Looking forward to the last Belgravia on Sunday.

The TV is mostly off except late at night when it puts me to sleep.

Started the new Tom Clancy novel
Doing research on seventh grade curriculum 
for the possibility of the oldest grand doing it at home.
Found all of my old curriculum and put most of it up for sale.
I have hope it will all sale.

Moved almost all of our savings to other places.
USAA is doing some strange things, so it is time to go.
While I was at it I opened a credit union account in the town 
that we WILL be living in two years.

Flying to Phoenix for three days
in July.
Really. My mom turns 90.

I'll report what Southwest is like...

Began to plan our masked Disney trip in November.

The hotel rooms were booked in January.

I am stubborn and have not canceled my Germany trip yet.
Germany has opened travel to EU people. 
Do you think I could pull,
"I am writing a blog post about the new travel on Delta."
How about, "Ancestry says that I am more then 50% Prussian"?
My bet is it will close at the beginning of the winter for flu...

Trying to decide if I should just throw away all of my Covid clothing.
Is is fashionable to wear house dresses when I go to the local commissary?
I didn't think so....

BTW- I "borrowed" most of these photos if you couldn't tell. 

Back to trying to go to sleep
It is already day 51......

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