Wednesday, August 11, 2021


 Six weeks in Motel Six

Countless trips to Lowe’s 

Watching gas rise from 2.95 to 3.89 out our window ( gas station was our view)

Listening to every language possible as vans of people would disengorge last in the evenings and pile into the three rooms at the end of the hall- only to be stuffed back in with a different driver at 5 am.

Taking doggies to “day care” so they would not get run over by a construction vehicle. Then their joyful play when I picked them up early. ( Sleeping upside down in front of the hotel air conditioner).

Allergy meds for the smoke from the California fires.

Living with little internet and no real chairs. 

Picking countless finishes and trying hard not to step on too many toes.

Three deficiencies on final inspection

Switching around fire alarms for CO2 alarms

And we are IN!

Pictures will be on this post when we have enough band width!

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Living homeless

 To say this has been an adventure is an understatement.

We closed on our Delaware house in April. We then lived there until the 20th of June.

We brought an UHaul and a pick up truck thinking we would soon move into our new home.
But the pandemic had other plans.
Between supply shortages, labor shortages and hot weather. We landed up here.

I stopped in the drivers license office to get a new one.
I do not have an address! 
Come back in 30 days and they could issue a homeless license.
And so we moved in. 
We both said it reminded us of our dorms when we were freshmen ( but with the scary opposite sex in the room—- and two dogs). 
We unpacked our own shampoos and foods. Really the dogs dominate the foods. 
I checked out the laundry mat. We learned the local grocery had some great quick foods.
The dogs first lived in a house by Now they go, daily, to a vet office doggie daycare. 
Thank God for doggie day care,! 

Saturday, June 12, 2021

Please take this stuff---please???!!!

 Getting rid of things can be a bummer.

There is a huge shortage of canning jars in my area. You would not know that by the way I have been begging people on Craigslist to take several dozen off my hands. Nope!

Then there is the leaf collector. Yes, I know it is the wrong season, but PLEASE take it. It is free!

The silly government has an issue with old mattresses, so they make it hard to get rid of them. We have two we are not taking. They are six years old and have been slept on about twice a year! Please just take them. "You can always take them to the dump" Really? I spend hundreds of hours recycling, reusing, using up and you want me to take a perfectly great mattress to the dump? 

This would be the year that my flowers have gone wild around our house. My gardenia bush put out about 1000 flowers in a single week. The new people are thinking of pulling it out. I hope they offer it up to someone---but then people just don't take things....

Then there is my silly 13 lbs dog. You would think we are punishing her by feeding her. She really expects to be hand fed (I wonder who started that up?) Just take the food!

Off to another day of getting rid of stuff. Wish me luck!

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Progress on the home front.

 Three weeks before we pack up for the last time!

The last two weeks have been about the things I really care about in our new house.

The inside was painted this week! Colorsnap helped me a lot 

Repose Grey- most of the house

Lupine Island

Gray Screen Master

All the paint samples were given away last week.Yipppppeee. 

Next up is the master bath. I got lots of push back, but the bath is made for old people. 

Entrance is 36 inches.  Wheel in- zero entrance- shower with a large bench to dry off on (or shower on if need be). Right now there is not a tub. It is plumbed, but I am thinking there may never be a tub in there.  This is the current choice of everyone but me---and I am the only one who takes a tub. Pretty sure I'll spend the $1500 on a trip somewhere instead. Let the next person put in their dream tub!

The real push back was modern grab bars. The reality is that you don't need a grab bar until you are on the floor the first get them before you need them. Learned that with my dad. If he had them in his house I doubt he would have been placed in a home so soon.... 

 Our closest is also large. There were many questions about built in shelves or more rods....the reality is that we want to be able to access the room and move around in it long after we are 90. That means space. We don't have hardly any clothes....but we need to be able to get to them without a hassle. They just don't "get" space. 

The guest room has been roughed in for the Murphy bed.  Yes, that was hard to understand as well...but I did get a 9'x7' hole instead of a closet in there. Again, if someone wants something different in ten or twenty years--go for it. This house will be functional for us!

Excitement looms. 

Now we just have to jump through a ton of hoops and get in!

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Eat it up, use it up, give it away!

 One month left!

How is that possible?

The house in Idaho will not be done, but the truck is ordered and we are finishing packing.

On "Facebook Marketplace" today: 

4 doz canning jars, mostly full of goodies, various sizes...$10

Rolling compost bin...$40

Large loveseat ...$1 (You pick up and haul-that baby is heavy!)

Tomato cages...$5 (won't use them this year 😞 )

All of the kid bikes and most of the baby toys are gone.

Pile for Homeless Shelter:

Various cleaners

Several sets of sheets and towels

Different salad dressings

Huge bag of baking soda

Huge bottle of apple cider vinegar

What we need to eat from the freezer:

5 lbs of burger

5 lbs of chicken

Various veggies

Some blueberries and strawberries from the garden


Dave's bread

What is in waiting?

Both of the mattresses left (we took the good ones already)

A couch and love seat, several rugs and a side chair (Habitat)

Another purge of clothing (Local Thrift store)

Another purge of the gardening tools (I'll probably sell those)

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Sell in May and go away!

 This whole economy thing is wild, isn't it? 

So many complaints that things were horrid under the last leadership--and now? 

I have to fess up. We made tons of money between 08 and 12 and just got out. Well, not completely, but enough to help me sleep. Yes, we missed this run up. My friend reported a 20% rise in her portfolio. We built a house instead. My tummy could not do it any more. 

We are well aware that corrections correct themselves. But once we decided that our need for growth was translated to ulcers, we just were done. We just could not find a good company that did not use the slave labor of China to make their money.  My obsession went to the poor (the actual poor) of the world and how my need for more and more impacted them. Sorry, not buying into that.

The up side is that he does have a pension and mine begins in a few years. Good old government pensions. If they dry up, we have a paid for house, a well and solar generators :)

So, in the past we HAVE sold in May, with our broker (who retired a wealthy woman in Alexandria VA) we took a few months off the market every year and enjoyed our profits. Now we just live life daily and enjoy not having ulcers. 

Monday, May 10, 2021

The move is on. A bit more then a month to a new and different life.

 A 28 foot, terribly high, Penske International Truck was in our driveway.

Our son came over last weekend to help bring things up from the basement. Our son in law came over today to help haul things on to the truck. I hung out with the dogs and brought water to the thirsty.

We have toooo much stuff. We just do. Most of the boxes seemed to be either stereo equipment or pantry. Why do we still have five center speakers??? Remember,am the one with too much stuff....hummmm. None of our living room furniture is going. That does make me nervous since living room furniture is difficult to get. Should I include a couch, just in case?

Ramps, dollies, book cases, mattresses secured, the truck is off. Scott is in Nebraska and on his way to Little America Wyoming (a favorite place to stay on the long haul). I am still packing here, but it is the tough stuff to fit in anywhere. I have about five dozen canning jars full of fruits and veggies from my garden this year. 

We had some last minute disagreements between the cabinet maker and our builders. Which is more important- more storage or pretty trim. The storage won. 

The flooring goes in this week. Hopefully the septic will as well. I feel like we are just skirting the rising costs of everything.

The pessimist in me, I am really nervous about that pipeline hack. Let’s get our move over with! But first we have:

Daughter’s college graduation,


Two grands’ birthday 

Flight camp

Father’s Day

My husband’s 71 st birthday

And the African American History Museum

These six weeks will fly.