Tuesday, April 6, 2021

And it just keeps growing!

Spoke to the developer of our new housing area.

She is a very low paced farmer daughter.  I was asking about a part of the road that needed to be paved. Her answer was: "What was supposed to sell out in 4 years has sold out in 18 months. We have opened a new field for development. Your road will be paved when we pave that one. " That field, split into .6 acre plots, is flying off the market- unpaved!

When the development opened the buyers were, pretty much, local builders for themselves.               During the pandemic a flood  of people ran from the lovely states of Northern California & Western Oregon and Washington and bought up anything in their path. This will be interesting. 

We  hope to enjoy libertarian lifestyle as long as we can. Maybe it is WAY too cold in Central Idaho for people who want to change the politics to move there. It is a desert...a COLD desert. Don't come if you don't want to be free. Some people don't even understand what a libertarian is.....those first three in the Bill of Rights---freedom.  You won't have to wear the "I got my vaccine" yellow star in order for me to talk to you! 


Our house is on cruise. The dry walling begins tomorrow (the same day I get my J&J vaccine). I'll be going out to pick final touches. You know, the easy stuff,  towel racks and faucets. Fortunately we already ordered our Fridge- since they are on back order now until who knows when.... We understand that the materials to build our house have gone up about 200% at this point. Dodged that one. Whew. I guess if we have to survive with a mini fridge, oh well. China will get us stuff sooner or later. Chip who?

I settled on the island color (a huge issue here) Glass Sapphire. It doesn't show here- but it has loads of purple in it. 

OK- so it will probably bring down the resell of the house. I. Don't. Care. At. All. The house is totally out of character for the area anyway. It only has three bedrooms instead of six or seven. Open center instead of formal rooms. Completely handicap friendly. One floor. We plan on being there a long time and I want to smile every time I use the island, and the bathroom and the laundry.....Blue. Period. OK- white Oak floors. 

My husband got to choose the outside color. It is Nautical and Grey. The siding will go every which way. I don't get it, but he is happy. Stamped concrete for the walkway. Slate has just gone ballistic. 

I'll  be shopping for my pantry while there. I want a basic pantry done to ease the sticker shock. Our regular shopping list has gone up about $5 a week for the last four weeks....yow! Not looking forward to July shopping in a new $$ environment.                                                                                                        No couch for a very long time. Yes, I understand. Global market and all of that. 

And on that thought, I was going to rent a car in Phoenix for my mother's birthday in July. $550 for a week! Wow, those people coming over the boarder must be doing drive aways.... I am used to the normal taxes (double the price quoted for the taxes). I cannot wait to see the gas prices!!!! We are up almost a dollar from the beginning of the year. I was going to rent a U Haul to go home...OW! Maybe it should be called, "you build it, you drive it". 

On the good side, I look forward to a great green rebate for our next truck. Not sure how an electric truck will be better for the environment, but I am up for anything at this point. Heavy metals that cannot be recycled, no problem. New truck 2022 here we come. I'm a Elon share holder.  We are looking for solar panels to overheat the atmosphere on our house. Idaho does not demand that the solar goes through their grid. Love it.....

 I know that I am very blessed. I am looking forward to filling out LOADS of paperwork for people who want to be legal citizens. I have purpose. I am moving forward.  I cannot wait to swish the land of "white calling whites names unless they are rich and live in a gated community" off my Tevas. 

And so, with that, I'll out my libertarian thoughts back under my mask.


  1. I love the color you chose! You should absolutely use colors that make you smile! And... WOWZA on the development.....

  2. By way of comparison, I just booked a full-size rental car in Phoenix thru Alamo for $443 for a week in June inclu all taxes and fees. Doesn't seem too bad to me. Good luck with your new house!

    1. It will be interesting to hear about your experience. Alamo had a six hour line to get a car last weekend according to the paper.
      I am also booked with them and am bringing a book.
      Is your rental out of the airport? (Just checked- Alamo is down to $529 for me.) I wonder if rental cars are like airlines and you have to book on alternating Tuesdays at 6 am?
      Thanks for best wishes for the house.